Lady Street Fighter

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Saturday July 28

Selected time

4:00 PM  –  5:30 PM

An American Genre Film Archive Final Friday Pick.

Picture a streetwise Marlene Dietrich as your newest action hero; she makes the bad guys bleed! Written/produced by + starring genre demigod Renee Harmon (FROZEN SCREAM, JUNGLE TRAP), this is the story of Linda: a tough-as nails karate cop on the trailer of the ruthless scumbags who murdered her twin sister.

From the outrageous fight scenes to Harmon's incredible outfits, Lady Street Fighter is a joyous blast of no-holds-barred chaos from the sleazy streets of vintage L.A. And don't miss the special appearance by Trace Carradine, the most elusive Carradine brother of all. NR (mature) / 75 min.

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