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Wednesday February 6

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7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

A rogue star pilot and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs. PG / 96 min. Free to Attend.

From Normal Theater Staff Member Max:

SPACEBALLS was my favorite movie growing up. Now maybe this Mel Brooks satire shouldn't have been a nine-year-old kid's favorite movie, but it was without a doubt (and without my parents discretion) the funniest movie I had ever seen. I could watch it a thousand times on my little portable DVD player and never get tired of the goofy characters, the cheesy jokes, and all the references poking fun at other popular sci-fi movies. Though it's not my favorite Mel Brooks movie (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN takes that cup), SPACEBALLS holds a very dear spot in my heart and helped mold the sense of humor I have today. And with a cast including John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Joan Rivers, how couldn't it? I hope you will join me in finally being able to see this "ludicrous" film on the big screen!